Ship of Fool: The Musical

Poems by William Trowbridge, Music by Bob Walkenhorst

William Trowbridge has teamed up with Bob Walkenhorst, lead singer of the Rainmakers, for a unique recording project. Trowbridge reads 29 poems from Ship of Fool, and Walkenhorst orchestrates this “musical” with snippets of a strange assortment of sound effects and songs, some originals and some covers. It comes off as a sort of joyful radio-play, with Trowbridge and Walkenhorst volleying poems and songs back and forth to illustrate the Grand Cosmic Joke.

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William Trowbridge
224 SW Green Teal St.
Lee’s Summit, MO 64082

Bat Records, Copyright 2012

29 Tracks, 1:03:21 run time